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At CFG Advisors, we believe greatly in helping clients build their financial foundation to pursue their dreams. We’re especially passionate when it comes to assisting those who have dedicated their lives to helping others. This is why we’re pleased and honored to help support the dreams and goals of individuals, physicians, educators and business owners.

Individuals: Helping You Throughout Life's Journey

As you go through your life's journey and your financial situation changes, our team of professionals can recommend and provide the services you will need to pursue your goals. Find the financial services you need to set yourself and your family up for success – no matter where life takes you. 

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Physicians: Supporting Your Financial Health

CFG Advisors helps protect your financial health while you tend to the health of your patients and clients. As a trusted and approved member of AMA Insurance Agency’s Physicians Financial Partners program (PFP), we provide valuable resources and advice to help you create a financial foundation to support your well-being.

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Business Owners: Finding the Best and the Brightest

You’re a business owner because you wanted to build something great. We respect that; CFG Advisors is a family-owned business. Because of this, we have specific knowledge and experience in helping you attract the best and brightest employees, while working with you to figure out current and future steps for your business.

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Educators: Teaching and Empowering

Whether you are a teacher in a local elementary school, a college professor or online instructor, your goal is to make a positive impact in the lives of your students. And at CFG Advisors, our goal is to make a positive impact in the area of your finances. We know that you face unique challenges, and we want to help support your current situation and future dreams.

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Neither CFG Advisors, Curnes Financial Group or Cetera Advisor Networks LLC are affiliated with or endorsed by AMA Insurance Agency.

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As an independent financial services firm, CFG Advisors has the experience to determine the beneficial financial solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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CFG Advisors stresses a collaborative approach to help support your financial goals. Customized plans are backed by professionals with years of experience.

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