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When you partner with CFG Advisors, you can benefit from professionals who embrace excellence, offer outstanding service and place great emphasis on accountability. Whether you’re building a foundation for the retirement you want or are saving to send your children through college, count on us as your partner in life’s financial journey.


Our approach to your portfolio is supported by personal planning, risk minimization, disciplined money management and tax efficiency. Our financial planning and investment programs are carefully linked, ensuring protection of your current wealth and growth to move you toward your financial goals.


Knowing when and how to retire is an important life decision, made up of many moving parts. We stand ready to answer all your questions about retirement, including the timeline, financial goals and available investment options. In this way, we can help guide you toward suitable strategies and plans.


People are living longer, meaning that the older they get, the more likely their funds might run out. Our goal is to educate while making certain you have enough money to confidently fund your retirement and enjoy the lifestyle you envision.

Insurance Solutions

You’re spending a great deal of time and effort in supporting your family and building your legacy. Our team can help protect you and your assets in case something happens, while helping ensure your loved ones are cared for if you aren’t around.


Whether you’re planning for “down the road” or your child is currently in high school and you’re wondering how to fund their college career, we’re ready and willing to help you develop a plan to set aside what’s needed to help ensure the future generation’s ongoing education needs.

401(k) and Employer Plans

Choosing a retirement plan that prioritizes your employees’ needs while providing a great place to work may mean working with a team of experts. Let us help you find the right employer retirement plan for your small business and employees. 

Estate Planning

You’ve spent a lifetime accumulating assets and wealth to pass on, but costs could cut into what you’ve built. CFG Advisors works with you to help ensure that the estate you worked so hard to create is passed down effectively to benefit future generations.

Our Approach

As an independent financial services firm, CFG Advisors has the experience to determine the beneficial financial solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Our Approach

Our Team

CFG Advisors stresses a collaborative approach to help support your financial goals. Customized plans are backed by professionals with years of experience.

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If you’re ready to learn more about building and maintaining your financial foundation, contact us for your no-obligation consultation.

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