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Planning for Retirement

Planning for Retirement

Today, people are living longer, enjoying better health, pursuing more active lifestyles – and spending more during retirement. At the same time, financial markets are producing lower returns than previously. Without careful planning, longer life spans coupled with higher spending and lower investment returns can create serious financial pressures.

The new realities of retirement planning make effectively managing your financial assets more important than ever. Quite simply, people are going to need more money to retire than they realize. And once retired, they will need access to sound investment strategies in order to make their money last 10, 20, or even 30 years – and to provide for surviving spouses and other family members.

Clients come to us with many questions: Are they in a position financially to retire comfortably and afford those things they have always dreamed of doing? How should they handle pension and IRA accounts? What about healthcare, Medicare, and long term care insurance? What steps should they be taking so that their loved ones will be financially secure?

We work with each client individually, answering questions and helping to implement a suitable investment plan for a long and meaningful retirement. We understand both the financial and emotional side of planning for retirement. The abundance of information out there can be overwhelming, and we are able to help you plan ahead for the lifestyle you envision.